Your Technical Resource for Better Papermaking

Omni Continental Ltd. is a process consulting company specializing in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Established in 1974 by Dr. Jasper Mardon, an inductee in to the Pulp and Paper Hall of Fame (see page), Omni Continental has developed a working group of 30 process experts and has provided consulting services to companies in 25 different countries.

Since its inception, Omni Continental has been continuously involved with improving machine operations through the application of basic papermaking management principles, the development and integration of new technologies, and the identification, evaluation, and resolution of costly paper machine runnability problems. As well, Omni Continental has worked diligently to develop and provide training and seminars worldwide. To date Omni Continental has produced more than 3,000 technical reports and seminars to help your mill.

Our client list has over 200 regular client companies in 25 countries, including not only pulp and paper companies, but also supplier and engineering companies and converting operations.